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YUMI ™ LASHES Lash enhancement is a genuine REVOLUTION in the beauty world. YUMI ™ LASHES turns the eyelashes upwards, gives them Length, Height and Volume, and an appearance of having longer and thicker lashes. Everyone would love to have a stunning gaze and longer lashes … YUMI ™ LASHES is a new technique that lengthens your own lashes without using lash extensions.

Yumi Lashes
Lash Lift


I only work with products of high standing and quality. YUMI™ LASHES is a top leader on the Swiss market inproducts for Lash enhancement. The YUMI™ brand is a point of reference in terms of quality, beauty and authenticity.


YUMI™ Lashes is a treatment to lift and boost your natural lashes. No lash extensions needed.
Treatment takes only 45 minutes and is very comfortable
Lasts Longer
The YUMI™ Lashes effect lasts between 8 and 12 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of an eyelash.
Good for you
As well as brightening and ‘lifting’ the eye area, the YUMI™ Lashes effect has some anti-ageing qualities.
YUMI™ Tint alters and boosts the colour of the eyelash so that the treatment enhances the natural beauty of the client even further.


Silicone pads will be applied under you eyes to separate these from the lower lashes. Process lasts 45 min including a lifting serum to extend the lashes upward, a serum to hold the lifted lashes in place, and a tint to darken the lashes and make them look bolder. We use tweezers to lift and extend each upper lash. Serum to be applied for 10 minutes, removed it and replaced with the fixing serum which is designed to hold the newly extended lashes in place. And in the end it will be applied lash tint.

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Can I get an eyelash tint after the Lash Lift in the same appointment?

Yes! Immediately after! So make a plan to stay around 60 minutes for this appointment.

Can I swim, sauna and steam room with Yumi Lashes?

Yes. After the initial 48 hrs of having your Yumi Lashes done, you can do anything you like when it comes to water!

Can I wear mascara after the Lash Lift?

Yes of course! I do not recommend water-proof mascara and the use of mascara remover, they tend to weaken the lift.

Can I wear mascara or eye make up prior to my appointment?

No. Remove the eye make up with non-oily cleanser or eye make up remover,ensuring lids and lashes are thoroughly cleansed and dry, otherwise rods will not adhere to the lids.

Can I wear my contacy lenses in my appointment?


How often can I repeat the Lash Lift?

The eyelash curls will begin to drop gradually (one by one) after about two months. The entire lashes will take about another 2 months to return to their natural look. You can repeat the procedure after 2-3 months and not have to wait until the entire lashes return to their natural look.

What should I use for cleaning my face after the Lash Lift?

Use mild cleansers only. The daily use of (some not all) AHA’s products tend to weaken the lift.

Will I lose any of my lashes because of the Lash Lift?

No. Yumi Lashes last as long as your natural eyelash cycle and they gently drop as your own eyelashes naturally shed, thus causing no damage to your natural lashes.

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